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How To Save Thousands By Following These 3 Home Maintenance Rules

To many homeowners, there’s a lot more to a home than just being the place to retreat from the world, enjoy your own space, and raise your family. A home is the most expensive and personal investment that many people will make in their lives.

However, an investment is only profitable if the money you put into it is not surpassed by the cost of maintaining that investment. If you don’t want to get into a situation where your home becomes a losing investment, there are three simple home maintenance rules you should follow that can keep your home in good condition!

1 – Switch To Energy Efficient Windows And Doors

The weather may vary a lot, but one thing people in Morgantown can never count on is a warm, tropical winter. There will be wind, snow, ice, and cold, and all of these things can pummel a home and make big demands on the monthly heating bills.

Windows and doors, in particular, are “weak spots” in your home, where heat naturally leaks out. Getting a good contractor and upgrading to Energy Star rated windows, and getting new doors can make a big difference to your heating bills, however. Not only do these newer fixtures add value to your property by improving the look, but they also help you to save on heating costs by keeping more warm air, and that means your furnace doesn’t have to fire up as often.

2 – Keep Trees From Touching Your Roof

A healthy, old tree on a property adds a beautiful element to any yard. But tall trees, aside from dropping a lot of leaves in the autumn, can present a risk to your home, specifically your roof. Depending on the position of the tree, pressure or movement from branches on a constant basis can hurt or even remove shingles, exposing the home itself to the elements. Even just physical contact with wet branches can damage shingles not meant to have constant exposure to moisture.

3 – Trim Plants To Prevent Siding Damage

The siding of your home is there primarily to act as protection from the elements, but your garden can actually hurt your home without proper home maintenance. A garden should always be trimmed and maintained to ensure the plants themselves don’t make contact with your siding.

The purpose of siding is to shed and repel moisture. Plants, on the other hand, are built to hold in moisture. When moist plants are always touching siding, depending on the materials made, that moisture could either damage something like vinyl or paint, or even inflict wood rot on wood siding or other accents such as trim.

We Can Protect Your Home

Windows R Us Prime is your surrounding Morgantown area expert when it comes to making sure your home looks good and keeps you warm, dry, and safe inside. If you want to improve your exterior, reach out to us for a free project review and quote for your home.

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