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Meeting you where you are: A true partnership

Some of us love face-to-face. Some of us love to click a button on our phones. Some of us like to browse the internet and use email. No matter how you like to explore ideas and conduct business regarding your home, investment, or commercial space, we are there to meet you where you are!

One of our missions is to create Partnerships and we believe we can do that by first listening to how you want to engage.

When we started, we vowed to do things differently. We were tired of our own personal experiences with pushy sales people who didn't understand our needs or valued our time. We wanted to create a company that offered multiple entry points for our future partners to engage in what felt right for them.

Windows R Us Prime allows for you to choose how you would like our team to interact with you throughout the entire process. We are extremely proud of our innovative ways to work together through the use of technology such as email, text, virtual meetings, and project management softwares in order to compliment any in-person contact so we can build trust and maximize our partnership. Please contact us (you can choose how!) and let us know how we might support your remodeling needs. We would be privileged to become true partners with you!

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