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Why Hardie Board siding is right for you!

What exactly is Hardie board siding?

Hardie board is a special siding material that uses cement fibers to create a more durable and attractive product. Cement is combined with sand, water and cellulose wood fibers to create a material particularly suited to protect home exteriors. Hardie board is an innovative product, but it’s not new or unproven. In the mid 1980s, the siding manufacturing company James Hardie pioneered its development. As the industry leader for decades, James Hardie and Hardie board have pretty much become a synonym for fiber cement siding.

Advantages Of Hardie Board Siding For West Virginia Homeowners

Durability – Hardie board's unique blend of concrete and other composite materials make it impervious to elements like rain, high winds, and humidity. It also is highly resistant to hail and flying debris. One big key to the longevity is that cement does not retain moisture, so this siding never rots, swells or warps.

Warranty – To stand behind its claims of durability, James Hardie’s fiber cement siding comes with a 30-year non-prorated, transferable, limited warranty. It’s important to emphasize that this warranty is not prorated. Many siding warranties quickly reduce coverage as time elapses, but this one does not. There is also additional warranty coverage for the ColorPlus Technology finish and Artisan accent trim of 15 years, which includes all materials and labor. This is protection against peeling, cracking, and chipping.

Curb Appeal – This is the #1 reason many West Virginia homeowners choose Hardie board: it looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL. While it has the attractiveness and elegance of wood siding, it does not have the same maintenance headaches and worries about infestation.

More Styles & Colors – Hardie board siding has a wide selection of styles and can be made to mimic almost any other siding material, including wood lap boards, cedar shingles, and wood shake siding. The color options are almost unlimited. Many homeowners report that the very wide selection of styles and colors allows them to create the ‘wow’ appearance they really want.

Fire Resistance – Since sand and cement form the basis of Hardie board, this siding is very fire-resistant.

Storm-Tested – Here in West Virginia, we’re subject to some serious weather extremes and our fair share of storms. One of the top advantages of fiber cement siding in a climate like ours is its storm resistance. It is extremely resistant to hail, wind, and UV damage.

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