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No, You Do NOT Have To Pay Outrageous Prices for Replacement Windows

High-quality plus affordability is our motto here at Windows R Us Prime. There is a myth out there that if you don’t pay $1000 per window, you’ll get stuck with low-quality vinyl windows. This is completely false. We are committed to show you that replacement windows can be BOTH very affordable AND high-quality. Other companies employ a variety of deceptive marketing gimmicks, BOGO's and high pressure tactics to disguise the fact that they are simply asking you to pay too much for replacement windows. We simply say, Try us first or try us last, you'll be happy you did. Add Windows R Us Prime to your bid list and be confident that you are getting the very best value.

WRUP 3000 Series Image.png

3000 Series

  • Strong, seamless fusion-welded frame

  • Maintenance-free vinyl

  • Maintains color and smooth finish

  • Frames have curb appeal with nice bevel detail

  • We don’t compromise the structural integrity of our corners (no knock outs or gaps)

  • Easy clean tilt-in glass feature

  • Features that block air infiltration, including heavy duty, double weather-stripping

  • Super-strong sash locking mechanism

  • Sash limit locks, so you can safely have your windows partially open for ventilation

  • Sloped sill – this is important! Water must drain properly and our windows do that

  • Lift rails are part of sash instead of being added later

WRUP 7000 Series Image.png

7000 Series

All the benefits of the 3000 Series Window, PLUS…


  • Heavier, stronger frame

  • Standard 1” energySMART glass with Intercept-Warm Edge insulated glass spacer system

  • Excellent at blocking heat transfer (keeping you cooler)

  • Spacer system also reduces condensation

  • Additional energy high-performance and glass upgrades available

  • Custom exterior color options 

  • Wood and beige vinyl interior option

  • .18 U Factor triple pane upgrade available

WRUP 8000 Series Image.png

8000 Series

All the benefits of the 7000 Series, PLUS…


  • Many more color choices

  • Internal mini-blind options

  • More glass packages available – you can even get triple pane glass

  • This option allows you to have windows that have ‘most efficient window’ status according to ENERGYSTAR ratings

  • Larger sizes and more shapes available

Pella Image.jpg

Windows R Us Prime is also a certified Pella retailer and carries Pella's full line of Wood and Fiberglass windows as well as Entry and Patio doors. A variety of options and styles await you. 


Our Pella windows and doors experts can help you pick out the window that fits your home — and your style. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation. 

Here Are The FACTS:

1. Our window manufacturers have been in business over 70 years. This is extraordinary in an industry that sees home improvement manufacturers go out of business in droves every recession. The simple truth is they have been around for so long because they make terrific windows, then they stand behind them, and they do it all at a reasonable cost. We pass those savings on to you. 


2. All of the windows we offer are excellent quality. We have good, better, and best options – take a look at our ‘Window Comparison’ above. No matter which option you choose, you get:


  • Strong, seamless frames & sashes that are fusion welded.

  • Maintenance-free vinyl that maintains its color and smooth finish.

  • Durable virgin vinyl compound lasts for a lifetime.

  • Operates smoothly and with tilt-in sashes for easy cleaning.

  • Multiple glass options for terrific energy efficiency.


3. Our menu pricing means you only pay for what you want. Our windows start at a very low base price. Most of our customers choose additional options that add to this price, but they are in control of exactly what features they want to add. Our customers love that they are not forced to buy a bundle of features they don’t really want. And even with add-ons, our price is still 30% to 70% lower than typical window companies.


4. We offer a price match guarantee . We are confident that we have the very best prices around, but if for some reason a competitor beats our price, we offer an apples to apples price match guarantee so you can rest easy knowing you got the very best deal. 


5. We guarantee a high-quality, efficient installation. No one gets near your home unless they are fully-trained and qualified to do the job. We take pride in developing top-notch install teams who will provide you with the best customer service. One thing we don’t do is over-schedule and then pressure our installers to go faster and faster to pump up profits. Our policy to ‘do-it-right-the-first-time’ saves you hassle and saves additional costs to fix mistakes.


6. We offer a No Loophole lifetime warranty. Every Windows R Us Prime installed window comes with a lifetime warranty for parts, labor and glass breakage. Buy replacement windows once and never have to worry about them again. Now that is impressive peace of mind. 

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